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Flax Linen vs Cotton - Which One Makes For Better Bedding?

Linen vs Cotton - Which one leads to a more relaxing sleep? As adults, we start to pay attention to these things.  Let's face it, the older we get the more we become creatures of comfort. The choices we make about our bedding have a major impact on sleep comfort and therefore the quality of our sleep. One of the most important questions we can ask ourselves is best natural fabric to sleep on? Linen or Cotton, these two stand out as the most popular natural fibers that are the best materials for bed sheets. Each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses, depending on how you use them.  Linen certainly has a je ne sais quoi finesse about it that conjures...

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6 Reasons Why People Love Flax Linen Bedsheets

The popular, synonymous with luxury, flax-made linen is one of the world’s oldest fabrics. People have been growing and turning linen into fabrics for thousands of year. In many regions of the world, people pass it down the generations because of its renowned softening-with-time quality. Today, five-star hotels and luxury-loving celebs pick out the best quality linen for their bedding. However, why is that? What makes this flax fiber so valuable? Here’s a comprehensive list. What Makes Flax Linen So Special For Beddings? It’s Hypoallergenic and Pathogen-Resistant Linen comes from one of the purest, pathogen-resistant fibers on Earth - Flax. This is primarily because of its distinctive moisture-retention properties of Flax. Hence, linen fabric can absorb up to 20% dampness...

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Health and Lifestyle Benefits of Flax Linen Bedding

While organic and natural products have been trending in the diet industry, they’ve been treading into the interior design world as well, and for good reason, too! They’re sustainable, long lasting, toxin and additive free as well. Of course, all of that comes with a plethora of health benefits. Apart from being responsible for comfortable sleeping, these linen sheets take care of your skin. Moreover, they protect your kids from chronic illnesses and regulate the temperatures of your body.  Other than providing these physical benefits, linen is a major stress reliever as well. European Spas use linen fabric to cleanse slags, revitalize the skin and produce a healing effect on the body. However, what is the reason behind this? Why linen?...

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Video: Spinning Flax Fibers into Linens

  Linen fabric is made of linen threads. Linen threads are spun of flax fibers. Linen is a natural product and rates as the most sturdy and most environment-friendly of all fibers. However, not all linens are created equally. In this article I will discuss the differences in linens so that you can choose the best material for your precious embroidery. Linen is much more stable than cotton or blended fabric. Hence, always pure linen should be preferred. Granted, linen is easily creased, but if starched and ironed—from slightly damp until dry —the embroidery and linen develop their true gorgeous elegance; a delicate shine and beauty emerges from the use of a premium material. (Tip: Never spin and never tumble...

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Flax Linen Symposium in the USA

The New England Flax and Linen Symposium put on a couple of days where experts from around the world gathered in  Deerfield, Massachusetts for sessions and demoes covering all aspects of flax.  The areas covered included plant and environmental science, education, history, and craft. Participants included a professor of plant physiology and lacemaker; professional and amateur weavers, spinners, and dyers; a community agriculturist. Leading the way, organizer & fiber artist Michelle Parrish of Amherst, Massachusetts has already explored various aspects of flax growing and processing, including an extensive field test of more than 30 types of flax at her own community garden.  This trend could continue in gardens throughout America, reviving an age old tradition which seems to have been replaced with less...

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